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Your Little Sex Slave


How stupid I was to ever take candy from a stranger! Now look where I have ended up…in the dark, dank dungeon that you call your fucking basement! If you’re into extreme, reluctant phone sex fantasies, you should give me a call. I love them. That’s why I’m chained up in your basement, waiting for you right now! I want you to make me your whore. Once I’m in your possession, you can do whatever you want with me. You can feed me your special concoction and make me your cum hungry little fuck slut. I won’t be able to get enough of your cock as long as you keep giving me what I need to be so horny.

You know what you’re doing, don’t you? You knew before you even drug me into your van to bring me here that I was the perfect candidate for your twisted desires. No one would miss me. You could keep me here forever and no one would come looking. I belong to you now, and everything you want to do to me is free game. I’m just some trashy whore you own. Property that you can dispose of any time you want. And you remind me of that anytime I get that look in my eye that longs to be free. I only breathe because YOU allow it.

Besides, what more could I want? My belly is always full, even if it is with cum. And I have my very own bed in your dungeon that I only have to share when you’re in the mood. If I’ve been good, and do exactly as you say, you’ll let me keep the blanket to stay warm. I’m always getting new things. In fact, you just bought me a new set of shackles last week. And it’s not like I’m totally hidden away. Sometimes you bring your friends over to play, so that counts as socialization. By sex slave standards, I’m pretty well taken care of, so what do I have to bitch about?  Maybe I need a good beating to show me just how bad it could be.

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Turn Me Into The Teacher’s Pet

SchoolGirl Resized

Are you looking for a school girl to play with? Well, I’m right here, baby! Let’s have some dirty school girl phone sex! My tiny, tight holes are just begging for your attention. I want you so bad! My pussy is so juicy and I’m just aching for your cock! I need it! I want to be your dirty little cum kitten.

If you want, you can be my teacher. I would love it if you would give me a lesson or two in just how to please you during our naughty submissive school girl phone sex session. My girlfriends are always telling me that I need the guidance of an older man to teach me about cock. And I want to know everything there is to know. Please teach me! I promise that I’ll be a very good girl for you, and do every single thing you say.

I’ve fooled around with the boys at school, but they don’t know what they are doing, and I need a REAL man with experience to show me what all these stupid little boys can’t. I want you to train me to be a cute little sexpert, educated in all the important ways to please a man. And should I need punished, don’t worry. My perky little ass can take it. Whip me into shape by your firm hand! I’m well aware that every once in awhile I need a good spanking to keep me on the right path to being the best dirty little slut I can be.

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