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Turn Me Into The Teacher’s Pet

SchoolGirl Resized

Are you looking for a school girl to play with? Well, I’m right here, baby! Let’s have some dirty school girl phone sex! My tiny, tight holes are just begging for your attention. I want you so bad! My pussy is so juicy and I’m just aching for your cock! I need it! I want to be your dirty little cum kitten.

If you want, you can be my teacher. I would love it if you would give me a lesson or two in just how to please you during our naughty submissive school girl phone sex session. My girlfriends are always telling me that I need the guidance of an older man to teach me about cock. And I want to know everything there is to know. Please teach me! I promise that I’ll be a very good girl for you, and do every single thing you say.

I’ve fooled around with the boys at school, but they don’t know what they are doing, and I need a REAL man with experience to show me what all these stupid little boys can’t. I want you to train me to be a cute little sexpert, educated in all the important ways to please a man. And should I need punished, don’t worry. My perky little ass can take it. Whip me into shape by your firm hand! I’m well aware that every once in awhile I need a good spanking to keep me on the right path to being the best dirty little slut I can be.

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Panty Boy Slave

Panties Resized

You have been a VERY bad boy, haven’t you?

I can’t believe I caught you going through my dresser drawer, digging for a pair of my panties. What a sick little pervy fuck you are!

Were you planning on stroking your shaft with them while you fantasized about me? Or did you have something else in mind? I bet I know exactly what you were going to do with them. You were going to put them on, weren’t you? You love the way it feels to wear panties. Do they feel nice rubbing up against your little dicklette? Do you like dressing up, and being a feminine little faggot?

Do you have any idea what kind of punishment is in store for you? First of all, you need bent over my knee and be spanked until your ass cheeks are red. I know that you like it, because I can feel your clitty stiffen as I reign down the blows on your ass.

And since you are so curious as to what is in my dresser, why don’t we start there and take a closer look at what’s hidden in the back. Or have you already found the goodies I’ve stashed away? I’ve got quite an array of crazy toys to teach you with: Handcuffs, blindfolds, a riding crop. There’s a ball gag to keep you quiet, and several dildos, plugs and beads we can experiment with. Just about everything I need to erotically torture you is in that dresser drawer you were so eagerly and secretly pillaging through. But your secret is out now, and because you’ve been so naughty, I am going to make you my little panty boy slave. And from here on out, you’re not allowed to touch your pathetic little clitty without MY permission!


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