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Stranger Danger!

stranger danger

Last week, when I was walking home from school, a van pulled up beside me. An attractive man leaned out the window, holding a map and asking for directions. I stepped a few feet closer, trying to see the map so I could help, but before I knew it, I was grabbed and thrown in the van by his accomplice. The van sped off as I was hog tied and blindfolded. It was so dark and I was so scared. I knew immediately what they were probably planning. They were going to force me to fuck them, and then most likely leave me for dead. The thought horrified me, but was confusingly erotic, too.

Eventually the van stopped. Apparently we were going as far as we were going to go, because they pulled me out of the van and carried me into a cold, dank building. They threw me on a mattress, and took off my blindfold. That’s when they shoved something down my throat, and not too long after that I started to feel woozy.

I must have passed out, because when I came to, my clothes were ripped off and I was being choked by one cock that was shoved down my throat, and another fucking my pussy hard. I quickly discovered struggling was useless because my legs and hands were tied, and my mouth was held open by a gag with a hole in it, so decided to save my energy…And that’s when it happened. Against all of my mental effort, I felt my body tingling, and knew that it was just a matter of time before my body betrayed me, and I would be in the throes of a full blown orgasm. I couldn’t believe I was actually enjoying this, but I WAS!

Then the guy who had the map pulled his cock out of my throat and removed the gag. He told me if I screamed he would make sure I never made a sound again. I nodded in understanding and aside from the grunting moans, I obeyed. His cock was so thick and meaty that I couldn’t believe it had fit in my throat to begin with, and was thankful he fucked my face instead of my ass. He began to stroke his cock and told me that he was going to blow his load into my mouth and if I didn’t swallow every drop, I would be punished. I told him I understood, but as he jerked off his monstrous cock right in front of my face, and I felt the first squirt shoot out on to my tongue, my body gave way, and I started to cum on his accomplice’s thick cock! The intensity of the spasms caused me to miss catching some in my mouth and instead hit my cheek, but I couldn’t help it. To make up for it, I tried to reach my tongue up to lick it off, but he slapped me anyway, despite my efforts.

They continued to fuck me over and over again that day using me like their little cum dumpster, and plundering all my holes. When night fell, I was so sore and raw that I wasn’t sure I could run even if I had the chance. But then they forced me to take the same concoction that they made me take when I first arrived, and I passed out again. They must have decided not to snuff me, and just dump me instead because I woke up the next morning in the park beside the school. A few boys in my class were standing over my naked body, stroking their cocks off, telling me what I slut I was to be out there like that.

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Extreme Denial Phone Sex

denail1I know most guys hate denial phone sex, but that’s what I’m in the mood for today. And what I want is all that matters. I love making a man stroke for me, getting him all hot and bothered, and right to the edge. And then suddenly make him drop that cock for no other reason than because I said so. Hahaha! It is so much fun to make him whine and beg for permission to stroke it again. The desperation is like sweet music to my ears. I can’t get enough. I know it has to be so painful for a man to be so hard and horny, and not be able to cum. Especially after the 5th or 6th time. It always seems that at about that time is when the game really gets fun, and guys cry tears of misery from the torture, and are willing to do and say whatever the fuck I want. But I don’t give a fuck about how much pain you’re in. You’ll get no mercy from me. That it hurts so intensely makes it all the better in my eyes. I want you writhing in agony. I want to bring you to the edge over and over again, until those balls seize up and you swear they are going to fall off! It’s okay if they do, too. What good are they, anyway? It’s not like I’m ever going to let you use them again.

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Looks Are Deceiving

Looks are dec
Some things aren’t always what they seem. Take me, for example. Am I the sexy, hot slut next door? Or am I something much more sinister, much more dangerous?

Well, I will tell you that I am both sexy and sinister, but dangerous doesn’t even begin to adequately describe me. I am a deadly, hardcore psycho bitch that thrives on torture and fright, and just a glimpse at what I do for kicks would give the average person nightmares for the rest of their lives.


The hunt is where half of the fun begins. I love stalking my prey. I get so turned on when I’m planning my horrible misdeeds. My sex drive becomes absolutely unrelenting. Insatiable. I just cannot get enough.

I’m willing to stalk and capture anything for the right price. And I’m very good at what I do. No one ever escapes. Once I set my sights on a target, I’m sure to succeed. And I’ve been doing this for so long that I have every right to say that with confidence. After all, I started my descent into darkness at a very tender age. I had a few mentors and role models that helped to show me the ropes, but for the most part, I learned it all on my own through trial and error, which made for some hot, torturous fun, even if it was messy.

When you come to me for my services, it’s important that you realize that I have my own rules that I live by, and I answer to no one, including you. And if you’re into a mild catch and release type of ordeal, you’d better look elsewhere, because that’s not what I’m about. I might agree to it at first, and might even mean it, but I’ve found once you get me started, it’s hard to turn me off, and the monster inside me takes on a life of its own.

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Urethral Sounding


Have you ever heard of Urethral Sounding?

Until a few weeks ago, I wasn’t very familiar with it. But with the help of one of my favorite callers, Sissy Brittany, I was introduced to the art of impaling cock with long metal rods for an intense mix of pleasure and pain, and now it is my favorite new fetish! In this picture, my little whore Sissy Brittany is striving for a new record, and working in as many rosebud sounds as she can into her flaccid sissy clit.

If you’re curious about playing with Urethral Sounds give me a call! I’d love to help you explore!

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