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Girls Night? Yeah, Right…


Let me guess. Your wife has left you at home, all alone for yet another night out. She spent so much time getting ready, and even made you help her by pulling up her thigh high stockings, and zipping up her tiny, strapless black dress. When she left, she looked so hot, in a slutty sort of way…yet she always comes back looking even sluttier than before, doesn’t she? Her hair is always a mess, her dress wrinkled, her lipstick smeared. And her panties are always soaking wet…if she comes back wearing any at all!

Down deep, you know that it’s not just a typical girls night, right? You know who she is going to see. You know that she’s really going out with her new boyfriend. She’s been doing it for a while now, hasn’t she?

If you’re into cuckolding phone sex, give me a call! I will tell you exactly how it is, and describe to you the naughty things your wife is doing with her new fuck stud behind your back. And you know it’s all true. After all, it’s not like she’s getting what she needs at home, right? You can’t make her cum. Men like you are a pathetic waste of space, when it comes to pleasing a woman in the traditional ways. Your tiny, limp dick is about as useful as a wet noodle. All you’re really good for is financing her fuck parties, and making sure all the bitch work gets done. I mean, someone needs to pay for the sexy outfits and hotel rooms. Someone has to hand wash her cum filled panties. And because you’re such a loser, that all falls to you.

But at the very least, she could let you watch, right? How hot would it be if her lovers would come over and fuck your wife in your very own marital bed right in front of you. I’m sure at first it will be humiliating, but after he’s knocked her up and taken your last shred of dignity, you’ll be far past that.  Maybe, if you’re a good little cuck, and do everything you’re supposed to, you could even participate. Every horny slut needs someone to hold up her legs. She might even let you get underneath and suck on his balls, helping to milk off his shaft right into her pussy. And I’ll bet if you do a good job, there will even be a tasty cream pie in it for you after they’re finished. And you’ll lap up every last drop of it, won’t you? 

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Cuck Husband

Clean It up Cuck Resized

 Are your panties all in a bunch because your wife is out with a REAL man tonight? She has always known that you will never measure up, you know, She knew how small your dick was the moment she laid eyes on you. She married you just for show. She needed a cuckie little bitch boy with a fat wallet almost as much as she needed a man with a fat cock. Outside of your paycheck, you mean nothing to her, you know. You’re just funding her love affair with REAL cock.

Have you ever wondered how many times has she fucked her boyfriends in your bed? You can bet your ass it’s been often. How many times has she made you lay in the wet spot? Does she make you her little bitch, and force you to clean up the aftermath of her good time? Hahaha! As much as you pretend to hate it, you know deep down that it’s your lot in life to be her little clean up bitch boy. That tiny dick of yours has destined you to be nothing more and a cum sucking jerk off loser! Really, you should thank her for putting you in your place. How miserable life would have been for you if you would have tired to be anything but a cuckold. So suck it up, buttercup, and realize just how lucky you are that the right woman came along and recognized your true, pathetic purpose. And cross your fingers, because if you’re REALLY lucky, she’ll eventually let you in on the fun. Wouldn’t you love to watch her full lips wrap around a beautiful hard cock? Wouldn’t you love to hear her beg to be fucked deeper and harder? Wouldn’t you love to hear her boyfriends make her cum like you never could? Of course you would, you pathetic little loser cuck!

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