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Taboo Family Fun

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Last night, for whatever reason, I was up late. I couldn’t fall asleep, so I decided to relax my body and pleasure myself. I slid my fingers beneath my silky panties, rubbing my clit and teasing my pussy lips. When my pussy was tingling, I reached into my nightstand for my favorite fat, black dildo. I sucked it for a minute, getting it nice and wet and enjoying the taste of my lingering pussy juices from the night before. Then, with one hand wrapped around the base of the dildo, I slid the cock deep inside of me, and moaned loudly as I fucked myself. As the intensity in my pussy heightened, my moans grew louder.

I didn’t realize just how loud I had gotten until out of the corner of my eye, I saw a shadow. It was then that I noticed that my door was open just a crack. By the heavy breathing, I could tell that someone was standing on the other side, watching me pleasure myself. I shifted in bed to see through the crack a little better, but in a sly sort of way, so I wouldn’t give away the fact that I knew someone was watching me. I didn’t want to scare them away. I liked being watched. Why ruin it, if we both were having fun? That’s when I saw my step-daddy standing naked in my door way, stroking his cock while he was watching me masturbate.I was so turned on that I couldn’t stop. I just started fucking myself harder. I was really getting into it and I glanced at my daddy again and there was my step-brother watching too. His hand was stroking daddy and step-daddy’s hand was jerking him off.  I couldn’t believe my daddy and brother were playing with one another while watching me. I invited them into my room so we could all play with each other.  I asked daddy to fuck my pussy while he sucks my step-brothers cock. It was so erotic and what’s even better was my brother shot a huge load of cum into daddy’s mouth almost the same time step-daddy shot cum in me. My brother licked up my cream-pie and then we all snuggled in my bed together.

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Big Brother Phone Sex Fun

Well, hey there, big brother! You should call me for some taboo incest phone sex fun. I have been thinking about you so much! Remember when we first started fooling around? We were so young when I caught you jerking off in your room, and I couldn’t help but be so fascinated with your hard-on. It was pretty much the first dick I had ever seen, and very first one I had ever touched. And from that day on, we both were incest phone sex lovers.

I was so turned on when you let me touch it. I gently placed my slender hand around your soft, warm shaft. You told me to squeeze it, and move my hand up and down, and as I did, I felt it growing in my hand. It got so big and hard, and it made my hand look so tiny wrapped around it. After that, I loved jerking off your cock, and did it every chance I could. And it wasn’t long after that that you taught me everything I needed to know about cock sucking, too.

We were together so much, always doing naughty things. I loved taking showers with you, getting on my knees and sucking you off as the hot water ran down over our bodies. But my favorite was when you would put me on all fours and worship my tight teen pussy and ass. I still remember my first gushing orgasm, when you stuck your tongue in my tight holes and tasted me. I got so turned on. The harder you licked, the wetter my pussy became, until I felt the pulsating rush of intense pleasure and squirted all over your face.

I’m sure glad mom wasn’t home when that happened. My loud moans would have busted us for sure. But maybe that wouldn’t have been such a bad thing. I mean, mom is a total MILF, and I’ll bet she could have taught us both a thing or two. Maybe dad would have even joined in on the fun. I’ve always wondered what kind of lover he would be. If he is where you get your immense size and stamina from, I bet he is a fuck stud just like you.

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