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Daddy’s Little Princess


Older men have always turned me on. I like a guy that knows what he wants, and how to get it from me. I guess that’s why I like Age Play Daddy Phone Sex. Those fantasies get my pussy so wet! One of my favorites is when Daddy shows me the ropes when I am younger. He cums into my room at night, and buries his nose in my pretty blonde hair, telling me how yummy I smell. Then, one night when he is watching me after I get out of the bath, he asks me for a hug. I am still all wet and covered with those little soap bubbles when I wrap my arms around him and press up against him. He picks me up and carries me to my room and lays me on my bed. That’s when he touches my girl parts for the very first time. His strong hand feels so good up rubbing up against my clitty. I couldn’t help but grind up against his hand like a little slut, begging for more. Daddy laughs a little, and tells me he is going to make a woman out of me tonight, but first he has to get me ready. Then he slids a finger into my tight, virgin cunny, and finger bangs me hard. I can’t really lie. It hurts at first, but Daddy makes it all better with his hot wet tongue licking my pussy lips.

When I’m nice and wet, Daddy unzips his pants and pulls out his thick dick, and rubs it up against my swollen, juicy pussy…

If a Daddy’s Little Princess fantasy is what gets you hot, give me a call!

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Uncle Jeff

Uncle Jeff

Uncle Jeff was a very naughty boy while mommy was gone. I swear, though, I wasn’t even trying to attract his attention. I didn’t mean to get him all worked up! All I was doing was laying out in the warm sun, trying to get a tan in the back yard. The gentle rays are always so relaxing, and I wasn’t expecting anyone to catch me sunbathing in my skimpy bikini. I had no idea that Uncle Jeff was supposed to swing by to check on me. Usually it’s Aunt Lisa, so I was quite surprised to look up from laying on my stomach to see him standing over top of me.

I tried to grab my towel, but he pulled it away from me. It was then that I noticed his raging boner. You couldn’t miss it, because his cock was so big. He asked me what I was up to out here, and I tore my eyes away from his crotch, and told him I was just sunbathing. He said that he thought I had had enough sun for the day, and that I should come inside with him, so I picked up my stuff and followed him into the house.

As soon as we got inside, he turned around to look at me, and I knew I was in over my head. The look in his eyes was lustful, and he grabbed my arm and led me to the couch. He sat me down in front of him and pulled out the massive cock that was bulging through is pants, and told me that I needed to learn not to go outside dressed so slutty and be such a cock tease. He pushed the cock into my mouth and my tongue fought against it at first, but he started pumping into my face, and I couldn’t fight anymore. I figured the more I did to help him, the sooner it would be over, so I worked my tongue on his cock, milking it for his cum. After a few minutes of roughly fucking my face, I felt the hot rush of cum flooding my mouth. It was such a big load that I almost gagged, but I managed to swallow it all.

Uncle Jeff put his cock back in his pants and told me that since I let him use me once, he’ll be back for more very soon. I wish I could say that I wasn’t looking forward to it, but the taste and feel of his gigantic cock in my mouth made my pussy so wet, and it makes me wonder just how it would feel to let him really fuck me.
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Mommy’s Milk


Mommy’s tits are so heavy with milk that they are leaking. Baby boy should cum over and get a taste of Mommy’s milky goodness. Two nice, plump tits full of delicious cream, just for you, sweetie pie. My nipples are swollen and aching for your mouth to latch on, and drain me dry. It makes Mommy feel so good when her baby boy cums to fill his tummy and drinks it all up. Drink it up, baby, so you can get big and strong. When you suck like that, Mommy’s pussy starts to juice up and get all hottt! And I know you like draining Mommy’s tits as much as Mommy likes you to do it, because that winkie gets so hard. After Mommy’s baby boy is all filled up, Mommy will slide her hand down into your jammies and rub your winkie until you give Mommy your own special milk. Does it feel good when Mommy does that, baby? Are you going to be a big boy and make a cummy for Mommy? It’s always so messy when you make a cummy, but that’s okay. Mommy and baby boy will clean it up together. And after that, maybe Mommy will put her baby boy between her legs and let him lick up Mommy’s juicy pussy. Baby boy always sucks on Mommy’s clitty just the way she likes it. I’m so proud of what a big boy you’re turning out to be!

If you have a lactation or ABDL fantasy, call me. Mommy loves taking care of her baby boy!

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Testing Her Limits

Teaching Her A LessonGirls are growing up so fast, running around with older boys, doing naughty things long before they are really ready to be. It is just crazy. A friend of mine complained to me the other day that her daughter has been pretty wild. She said she is staying out past curfew, and hanging out with a bad crowd. There are even rumors going around that she is fooling around with older men. It kind of surprised me because she is such a cute little thing. I’d really hate to see her go down the wrong road, so I figured I would lend a helping hand, and take it upon myself to give her a life lesson she wouldn’t soon forget in some gangbang phone sex.

When I brought her over to my house to talk to her about all of the naughty things she had been into, I couldn’t help but take a closer look at her. She has always been cute, but dolled up in that heavy make up, dressed in those clingy booty shorts, and wearing the tight top that showed off all over her curves made her look so much more than cute. She was downright sexy. I told her that since she wanted to be such a bad girl, and likes to get her petite little whore holes stuffed with cock, that I thought I’d help her test her limits. I said I had invited a few friends over to show her what being a cum dumpster was really all about. I figured she would be horrified when the group of black men walked in, but her eyes lit in delight. And to tell you the truth, I was quite impressed with her ability to handle those BBC fuck studs. She had no problem at all. By the end of the night she proved to me that she knew exactly what she was doing. She came over and over again for those big chocolate cocks, and made them nut so hard. She reminds me of myself when I was her age, just beginning to taking dick in all of my fuck slots, and relishing every cum load. I think I’ll invite her over more often.

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Babysitter Phone Sex


Naughty babysitter phone sex always gets me so hot! I’ve been babysitting for you and your wife for years now. I even spend the night when you guys get back a little too late, and I have already dozed off on the couch. Your wife isn’t too fond of the idea, but you’re so nice and tell her that it’s no big deal and tell her to just chill.

Since I’ve grown older, I’ve noticed you checking me out. At first it weirded me out a little because you’re so much older than me, but then things changed. I started growing up, and getting curious, and now I like it, and even try to entice you to look. I wear daisy duke shorts and tight tops that show off my curves. And when I dress like that, I know you can’t resist taking a nice long look. Often I catch you ogling, letting your eyes roam all over me, and looking really horny. You have to be careful, though, because you wouldn’t want your wife to catch you, and kick out your eye candy.

But what if I could be more than just eye candy? What if one night, after you and your wife come home late and after she’s fast asleep you sneak out to the couch and let your hands do all the roaming that your eyes have already done? You can teach this naughty little babysitter a thing or two about being such a cock tease. And I’ll be so happy to finally be able to get my hands on you. It’s been a long time coming, hasn’t it? And as long as you give as good as you get, I promise that I won’t say a word. It can be our dirty little secret.

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Daddy’s Taboo Phone Sex Slut


If you’re looking for a truly submissive taboo slut that is willing to do exactly as she’s told, look no further, because you’ve found me, Daddy!

I’m the type of girl that will do ANYTHING to please her domineering Daddy. The thought of dressing up in cute outfits and sexy lingerie, and being a hot princess for Daddy gets me soooo excited! It makes my tight little juicy pussy so wet and ready to be fucked! I love being Daddy’s nasty phone sex whore. I want to be the best cum guzzling little slut you’ve ever fucked!

I’m ready and willing to do as you demand, no matter how twisted and extreme your desires may be. After all, a good little girl never says “no”, especially to her Daddy. Which is why I strive to be the subservient, no-taboo girl that you’re always so eager to use and abuse. You can sneak into my bedroom every night after everyone else goes to sleep, and I’ll be ready and waiting for you.

I’ll even please your friends if you want to share me, Daddy. You could invite them over to play, and let them use me as your little party favor. Wouldn’t it be so hot to watch your sweet angel get stuffed with cock in every hole?

Or maybe you could trade me for the night with one of your friends for his little princess. I’d gladly be your bargaining chip to help you score a new sweet little fuck toy! Or maybe we can even lure a new girl in, and keep her. Oh, please, Daddy, please?? I need a new playmate. And I know you’d have fun with her, too! She might not be as well trained as me, though. So I might have to show her the ropes. But I’ll gladly teach her everything a good little fuck slut should know! She’ll make your cock cum so hard when I’m through training her, Daddy. I’ll make you so proud.

If you’re a Daddy looking for a taboo loving little cum kitten, give me a call! I’d love to fulfill all of your forbidden phone sex fantasies!

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