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Taboo Family Fun

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Last night, for whatever reason, I was up late. I couldn’t fall asleep, so I decided to relax my body and pleasure myself. I slid my fingers beneath my silky panties, rubbing my clit and teasing my pussy lips. When my pussy was tingling, I reached into my nightstand for my favorite fat, black dildo. I sucked it for a minute, getting it nice and wet and enjoying the taste of my lingering pussy juices from the night before. Then, with one hand wrapped around the base of the dildo, I slid the cock deep inside of me, and moaned loudly as I fucked myself. As the intensity in my pussy heightened, my moans grew louder.

I didn’t realize just how loud I had gotten until out of the corner of my eye, I saw a shadow. It was then that I noticed that my door was open just a crack. By the heavy breathing, I could tell that someone was standing on the other side, watching me pleasure myself. I shifted in bed to see through the crack a little better, but in a sly sort of way, so I wouldn’t give away the fact that I knew someone was watching me. I didn’t want to scare them away. I liked being watched. Why ruin it, if we both were having fun? That’s when I saw my step-daddy standing naked in my door way, stroking his cock while he was watching me masturbate.I was so turned on that I couldn’t stop. I just started fucking myself harder. I was really getting into it and I glanced at my daddy again and there was my step-brother watching too. His hand was stroking daddy and step-daddy’s hand was jerking him off.  I couldn’t believe my daddy and brother were playing with one another while watching me. I invited them into my room so we could all play with each other.  I asked daddy to fuck my pussy while he sucks my step-brothers cock. It was so erotic and what’s even better was my brother shot a huge load of cum into daddy’s mouth almost the same time step-daddy shot cum in me. My brother licked up my cream-pie and then we all snuggled in my bed together.

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Anything Goes With Mistress Natalie


Some callers have these really dark desires, and I just love it! Most girls would be freaked out by some of the things they want to talk about, but not me. Like you, I am drawn to the dark side. I myself have quite a few kinky, perverted turn-ons that I can’t share with just anybody, and I get so excited when I do find someone willing  delve into the depths of depravity with me.

You need someone with no limits. Someone who has a mind so wickedly sinful that it shocks even you. That is a difficult task, I know. You have very likely called girls who claimed to be “no limits” that turned out to have quite a few. But that is not the case with me. I’ll be the filthy bitch whispering into your ear, pushing you to do all the naughty things you’ve ever dreamed of, and then some. I’ll be there to encourage you to break the chains of reality to live on the edge with me in a fantasy world where anything is possible.

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Daddy’s Little Princess


Older men have always turned me on. I like a guy that knows what he wants, and how to get it from me. I guess that’s why I like Age Play Daddy Phone Sex. Those fantasies get my pussy so wet! One of my favorites is when Daddy shows me the ropes when I am younger. He cums into my room at night, and buries his nose in my pretty blonde hair, telling me how yummy I smell. Then, one night when he is watching me after I get out of the bath, he asks me for a hug. I am still all wet and covered with those little soap bubbles when I wrap my arms around him and press up against him. He picks me up and carries me to my room and lays me on my bed. That’s when he touches my girl parts for the very first time. His strong hand feels so good up rubbing up against my clitty. I couldn’t help but grind up against his hand like a little slut, begging for more. Daddy laughs a little, and tells me he is going to make a woman out of me tonight, but first he has to get me ready. Then he slids a finger into my tight, virgin cunny, and finger bangs me hard. I can’t really lie. It hurts at first, but Daddy makes it all better with his hot wet tongue licking my pussy lips.

When I’m nice and wet, Daddy unzips his pants and pulls out his thick dick, and rubs it up against my swollen, juicy pussy…

If a Daddy’s Little Princess fantasy is what gets you hot, give me a call!

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Cock Tease Co Worker Gets Whats Cumming To Her


In your phone sex role play, I could be the co-worker that is always being such a cock tease. I’m always dressed slutty: Low cut blouses, short tight skirts. I am such a flirt. All talk but no action, and it really digs into you. You’re convinced that this little cock tease needs to be taught a lesson.

You start to plan it all out. In your fantasy, you are going to kidnap me on a night we both work late. You quietly follow me into the parking lot, and hurry up behind me when you are sure no one is looking. As you’re forcing me into your car, your cock is rock hard, thinking about all the exhilarating things you are going to do to me when you get me home.

You drag me to the basement, where no one will hear my cries. You rip off my panties, and stuff them into my mouth, gagging me. My wrists are tied above my head to the bed post, as I lie there completely naked. You contemplate what you’re going to do to me first, as you watch me fight against the wrist restraints. You’ve left my legs untied because you like to watch me fruitlessly kick and struggle.

You move closer to me, and my terror grows. You can almost taste my fear. The muffled screams make your cock throb in anticipation. You move your hands up to my chest, roughly fondling my creamy tits, moving the hard nipples firmly between your fingers, pinching. I wince and whimper, and plead through my panty gag for you to stop. But that’s not going to happen, is it?  

Call me now for Abduction, Force & Torture Phone Sex and tell me all the dark, twisted, sadistic things you would do to your new fuck toy against her will.

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Big Brother Phone Sex Fun

Well, hey there, big brother! You should call me for some taboo incest phone sex fun. I have been thinking about you so much! Remember when we first started fooling around? We were so young when I caught you jerking off in your room, and I couldn’t help but be so fascinated with your hard-on. It was pretty much the first dick I had ever seen, and very first one I had ever touched. And from that day on, we both were incest phone sex lovers.

I was so turned on when you let me touch it. I gently placed my slender hand around your soft, warm shaft. You told me to squeeze it, and move my hand up and down, and as I did, I felt it growing in my hand. It got so big and hard, and it made my hand look so tiny wrapped around it. After that, I loved jerking off your cock, and did it every chance I could. And it wasn’t long after that that you taught me everything I needed to know about cock sucking, too.

We were together so much, always doing naughty things. I loved taking showers with you, getting on my knees and sucking you off as the hot water ran down over our bodies. But my favorite was when you would put me on all fours and worship my tight teen pussy and ass. I still remember my first gushing orgasm, when you stuck your tongue in my tight holes and tasted me. I got so turned on. The harder you licked, the wetter my pussy became, until I felt the pulsating rush of intense pleasure and squirted all over your face.

I’m sure glad mom wasn’t home when that happened. My loud moans would have busted us for sure. But maybe that wouldn’t have been such a bad thing. I mean, mom is a total MILF, and I’ll bet she could have taught us both a thing or two. Maybe dad would have even joined in on the fun. I’ve always wondered what kind of lover he would be. If he is where you get your immense size and stamina from, I bet he is a fuck stud just like you.

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Your Little Sex Slave


How stupid I was to ever take candy from a stranger! Now look where I have ended up…in the dark, dank dungeon that you call your fucking basement! If you’re into extreme, reluctant phone sex fantasies, you should give me a call. I love them. That’s why I’m chained up in your basement, waiting for you right now! I want you to make me your whore. Once I’m in your possession, you can do whatever you want with me. You can feed me your special concoction and make me your cum hungry little fuck slut. I won’t be able to get enough of your cock as long as you keep giving me what I need to be so horny.

You know what you’re doing, don’t you? You knew before you even drug me into your van to bring me here that I was the perfect candidate for your twisted desires. No one would miss me. You could keep me here forever and no one would come looking. I belong to you now, and everything you want to do to me is free game. I’m just some trashy whore you own. Property that you can dispose of any time you want. And you remind me of that anytime I get that look in my eye that longs to be free. I only breathe because YOU allow it.

Besides, what more could I want? My belly is always full, even if it is with cum. And I have my very own bed in your dungeon that I only have to share when you’re in the mood. If I’ve been good, and do exactly as you say, you’ll let me keep the blanket to stay warm. I’m always getting new things. In fact, you just bought me a new set of shackles last week. And it’s not like I’m totally hidden away. Sometimes you bring your friends over to play, so that counts as socialization. By sex slave standards, I’m pretty well taken care of, so what do I have to bitch about?  Maybe I need a good beating to show me just how bad it could be.

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Uncle Jeff

Uncle Jeff

Uncle Jeff was a very naughty boy while mommy was gone. I swear, though, I wasn’t even trying to attract his attention. I didn’t mean to get him all worked up! All I was doing was laying out in the warm sun, trying to get a tan in the back yard. The gentle rays are always so relaxing, and I wasn’t expecting anyone to catch me sunbathing in my skimpy bikini. I had no idea that Uncle Jeff was supposed to swing by to check on me. Usually it’s Aunt Lisa, so I was quite surprised to look up from laying on my stomach to see him standing over top of me.

I tried to grab my towel, but he pulled it away from me. It was then that I noticed his raging boner. You couldn’t miss it, because his cock was so big. He asked me what I was up to out here, and I tore my eyes away from his crotch, and told him I was just sunbathing. He said that he thought I had had enough sun for the day, and that I should come inside with him, so I picked up my stuff and followed him into the house.

As soon as we got inside, he turned around to look at me, and I knew I was in over my head. The look in his eyes was lustful, and he grabbed my arm and led me to the couch. He sat me down in front of him and pulled out the massive cock that was bulging through is pants, and told me that I needed to learn not to go outside dressed so slutty and be such a cock tease. He pushed the cock into my mouth and my tongue fought against it at first, but he started pumping into my face, and I couldn’t fight anymore. I figured the more I did to help him, the sooner it would be over, so I worked my tongue on his cock, milking it for his cum. After a few minutes of roughly fucking my face, I felt the hot rush of cum flooding my mouth. It was such a big load that I almost gagged, but I managed to swallow it all.

Uncle Jeff put his cock back in his pants and told me that since I let him use me once, he’ll be back for more very soon. I wish I could say that I wasn’t looking forward to it, but the taste and feel of his gigantic cock in my mouth made my pussy so wet, and it makes me wonder just how it would feel to let him really fuck me.
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