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Extreme Denial Phone Sex

denail1I know most guys hate denial phone sex, but that’s what I’m in the mood for today. And what I want is all that matters. I love making a man stroke for me, getting him all hot and bothered, and right to the edge. And then suddenly make him drop that cock for no other reason than because I said so. Hahaha! It is so much fun to make him whine and beg for permission to stroke it again. The desperation is like sweet music to my ears. I can’t get enough. I know it has to be so painful for a man to be so hard and horny, and not be able to cum. Especially after the 5th or 6th time. It always seems that at about that time is when the game really gets fun, and guys cry tears of misery from the torture, and are willing to do and say whatever the fuck I want. But I don’t give a fuck about how much pain you’re in. You’ll get no mercy from me. That it hurts so intensely makes it all the better in my eyes. I want you writhing in agony. I want to bring you to the edge over and over again, until those balls seize up and you swear they are going to fall off! It’s okay if they do, too. What good are they, anyway? It’s not like I’m ever going to let you use them again.

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Looks Are Deceiving

Looks are dec
Some things aren’t always what they seem. Take me, for example. Am I the sexy, hot slut next door? Or am I something much more sinister, much more dangerous?

Well, I will tell you that I am both sexy and sinister, but dangerous doesn’t even begin to adequately describe me. I am a deadly, hardcore psycho bitch that thrives on torture and fright, and just a glimpse at what I do for kicks would give the average person nightmares for the rest of their lives.


The hunt is where half of the fun begins. I love stalking my prey. I get so turned on when I’m planning my horrible misdeeds. My sex drive becomes absolutely unrelenting. Insatiable. I just cannot get enough.

I’m willing to stalk and capture anything for the right price. And I’m very good at what I do. No one ever escapes. Once I set my sights on a target, I’m sure to succeed. And I’ve been doing this for so long that I have every right to say that with confidence. After all, I started my descent into darkness at a very tender age. I had a few mentors and role models that helped to show me the ropes, but for the most part, I learned it all on my own through trial and error, which made for some hot, torturous fun, even if it was messy.

When you come to me for my services, it’s important that you realize that I have my own rules that I live by, and I answer to no one, including you. And if you’re into a mild catch and release type of ordeal, you’d better look elsewhere, because that’s not what I’m about. I might agree to it at first, and might even mean it, but I’ve found once you get me started, it’s hard to turn me off, and the monster inside me takes on a life of its own.

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Mistress Natalie’s Cocksucker

Hey, my dirty little cock suckers. I know what you’re aching for. You’re in need of a big rock hard dick. You can’t think of anything else but a fat cock in your mouth. Yeah, I know you’re thirsty for some wet, hot sticky cum to coat your tongue. But take care not to waste it. A properly trained little cock sucker would never let one single drop fall out of their little, slutty lips.

Awe, look at my naughty little cum slut down on his knees in his favorite position waiting for load after a load of cum to fill up his throat. If you’re a good little whore, and beg for dick loud and proud like a good little faggot ought to, I’ll be sure to give you as many big, fat thick cocks as you can handle.

What’s that you say? You need a load now? Pick up the phone and call me now so I can slap that big cock across your pretty little lips.

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Natale's CockSucker 2

Anything Goes With Mistress Natalie


Some callers have these really dark desires, and I just love it! Most girls would be freaked out by some of the things they want to talk about, but not me. Like you, I am drawn to the dark side. I myself have quite a few kinky, perverted turn-ons that I can’t share with just anybody, and I get so excited when I do find someone willing  delve into the depths of depravity with me.

You need someone with no limits. Someone who has a mind so wickedly sinful that it shocks even you. That is a difficult task, I know. You have very likely called girls who claimed to be “no limits” that turned out to have quite a few. But that is not the case with me. I’ll be the filthy bitch whispering into your ear, pushing you to do all the naughty things you’ve ever dreamed of, and then some. I’ll be there to encourage you to break the chains of reality to live on the edge with me in a fantasy world where anything is possible.

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Whoring Out My Slutty Sissy

Where are Mama’s weak, pathetic boys? I am definitely in the mood for some Sissy Phone Sex today. I want you to tuck away that silly little clitdick, and make you prance around in panties like a girl. I want to dress you up, and then take you out in public. Don’t worry. I’ll make you look passable. No one will know you’re really a boy. Ha! Maybe we should go to that seedy bar at the edge of town where all those rednecks hang out. They’re usually so drunk and horny that they’ll fuck anything. When we get there, go straight to the dance floor because I’m going to put some change in the jukebox and you’re going to dance to whatever faggoty shit I can find. Taylor Swift? Britney Spears? Ha! I don’t care. I just want you up there, shaking that sissy ass, really slutting it up and showing off your goods, because what you’re doing is advertising! That’s right, you’re getting whored out tonight. I’m going to go around, and talk to the men at the bar and see who wants a piece of my hot little whore…for a price, of course. Mama doesn’t offer up her sissy boys to fuck and suck for free. Cheap, yes. But not free. Well….Maybe sometimes. But not tonight. If these dirty redneck fuckers want to bust a nut in you, it’s gonna be $10 a pop. Ha! When this song is over, I’ll have some guys already lined up to fuck your whore slots, so head for the men’s room and wait like a good girl on your knees in the first stall. I know it is gross, and dirty in there, but what can you really expect? You’re a sissy, for fucks sake! If you had any fucking dignity at all, you never would have ended up as my whore, so quit your bitchin’. And it’s not like these redneck cocks you’re going to be sucking are much cleaner than that bathroom is, anyway. They might even want you to lick their filthy, sweaty hairy assholes. But whatever they want you to do, just do it, like a fucking sissy bitch ought to, because I’m not giving out any refunds. I don’t give a fuck if they want to shit down your throat, if that’s what they want, open wide, and don’t forget to thank them afterwards. I don’t want anyone thinking Mama doesn’t teach her sluts proper manners.

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Castration Phone Sex


Come here, you disgusting filthy fucker. What in the fuck do you think you are looking at? Do you think you have any right to gaze upon me with lusty thoughts? NO! You have no rights. You are my property. Nothing more than furniture in the living room of my whored out life. Be weary, because once you lose you style and function in my decor I will leave on the street corner to become thrift shop trash. Look at you already losing form with your tiny spring poking out and that saggy scrotum! What purpose do those serve at all? NONE! Come here! Spread your legs, slave. DO NOT MAKE ME REPEAT MYSELF! I will drive my heel down upon your worthless balls so hard that your scream will only be heard by dogs! Do you like when I trample your worthless bits? When my heels stomp on your helpless cum drops? You smile. You enjoy it when I destroy your manhood one step at a time. Feel my stilettos dig and grind into your left nut as the sole of my other platform crushes your right one into a fine mess. Crush and grinding you until there is nothing left between your legs. Just a mush of what used to be your maleness. You are nothing but an ‘it’ now. A thing. Neutered. Having no manhood whatsoever. “You don’t need what’s left” I whisper into your ear just before you feel the elastrator snap around what used to be your scrotum. The rubber band biting hard into your flesh as your scrotum becomes cold and dead. You feel my strap-on pressing into your ass . You hear the wet plop of a severed scrotum as you feel the pop of my strap-on diving deep into your ass. I fuck you, as my new pet, mercilessly. You feel my breasts pressed tight against your back as I whisper into your ear “Welcome to womanhood, my dear”.

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Sissy Training Phone Sex


I love it when I meet a new little boy who is secretly dying to be a girl. It is so much fun helping with the transition through sissy training phone sex. To be quite frank, it really is the best decision all around. It is time to stop kidding yourself, because you’re sure not fooling anyone else. Down deep you know you can never be a REAL man. So let’s spare the world all the drama of having to deal with a boi who just can’t man up, no matter how hard he tries. Instead, embrace the journey of becoming a pretty girl. I love to talk with girly bois like you all day on the phone. Feminization Phone Sex is my favorite kind. I enjoy being the one who helps you become the girly slut you long to be. It can be even more fun when you’re not sure, and I have to be a little forceful to get you to realize what you really are.


These pretty panties are meant for sissy bois like you. You should order them, and wear them on your call with me. As you can see, they are crotchless, so when I decide that it’s time to break in that sissy pussy of yours they will provide easy access. You know how men like easy access to pussy, don’t you? Well, maybe you don’t know because you have never been a real man, have you? Haha! But before we break in that sissy pussy, we’ll start with the basics, so come on sissy slut, these cocks are not going to suck themselves…

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